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Holed up in a secret base he's turned into a fortress, Carrington intends to put Sheridan on trial on live TV and expose him as the Number I of the conspiracy. Cinebook Edition - Volume 13 - 1st printing.

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The Mongoose is dead. So is Number I. McLane, though, has been arrested, and he's being judged in secret by the heads of the American intelligence community. Sentenced to life in a secret prison, he has no illusions that he'll ever reach it. Cinebook Edition - Volume 14 - 1st printing. As he tries to return to his friends in San Miguel, he's forced to dodge bullets and outsmart various traps and ambushes.

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  • With the odds stacked against him, he will have to rely on help from an enemy and his own mounting anger at the constant string of attacks! Cinebook Edition - Volume 15 - 1st printing. Arrested by the Costaverdean authorities because of pressure from the U.

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    Instead, they're freed by Costaverdean troops in disguise. But they can't afford to stick around, as they're still on the run from the most powerful nation on Earth. Desperate for money, McLane decides to go after Maximilian's gold, as Mullway believes he's found the location of the third silver watch. The problem is that the location is under feet of water Cinebook Edition - Volume 16 - 1st printing.

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    Cinebook Edition - Volume 17 - 1st printing. Little by little, XIII has reconstructed most of his life and figured out who he is. A gap that may mean the amnesiac adventurer is in fact an Irish terrorist, Seamus O'Neil. This flashback brings us back to Boulder, Colorado, and before that to Northern Ireland, to reveal the last piece of the XIII puzzle, and his final identity. Softcover, 7-in.

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    Cinebook Edition - Volume 18 - 1st printing. Cinebook Edition - Volume 19 - 1st printing. Art and cover by Youri Jigounov. After all his adventures across the American continent, after defeating his many enemies, XIII is trying to live a simple life in the house he inherited, where it all started. It's not always easy; not everyone is happy to have such an infamous man in the area, and his skills are in high demand with some people of varying integrity. His memories are still locked away, too, and some people want to keep it that way! Cinebook Edition - Volume 20 - 1st printing. But the organisation that's after him hasn't said its last word, and has considerable means at its disposal.

    It lures Jones, on duty in Afghanistan, into a terrible ambush, for the sole purpose of serving as bait for the amnesiac - who immediately rushes to her rescue.

    Cinebook Edition - Volume 21 - 1st printing. XIII returns to his childhood home once more - but the stakes have never been so high! The agents of the organization that was hunting for XIII have finally captured him, along with his friends, but he's still refusing his captors' job offer.

    Forced to give in after they commit an appalling act just to coerce him, he's discreetly brought back to the USA, where he finally learns what they're really after. For both of them, the road leads, once again, to Green Falls Cinebook Edition - Volume 22 - 1st printing. Jason has managed to give his captors the slip, but he was forced to leave Betty behind, severely injured.

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    After a short but tense episode dealing with the north-eastern mafia, he's off to the next step in his quest: Leiden, Holland, from where half of the Mayflower expedition left, and where his godfather appears to live. But his enemies haven't given up, and the young local guide he's picked brings her own heap of troubles. Cinebook Edition - Volume 23 - 1st printing. Still with Annika, Jason McLane has the documents his godfather left for him to find in the Netherlands deciphered. Once translated, the text offers revelations of breathtaking importance, enough to change the geopolitical map for ever.

    But the killers sent by the Mayflower Foundation are still after them, while in Afghanistan, Jones and Carrington's situation goes from bad to worse.

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    XIII will have to be on his best game to sort it all out, but at what price? Dollar Bin Codeword. Date This week Last week Past month 2 months 3 months 6 months 1 year 2 years Pre Pre Pre Pre Pre s s s s s s Search Advanced. Issue ST. Published Jan by Cinebook. Available Stock Add to want list Add to cart Fine. Issue 1-REP. Published Aug by Cinebook. Add to cart Near Mint. Published Feb by Cinebook. Published Mar by Cinebook. Published Apr by Cinebook.

    Available Stock Add to want list This item is not in stock. Published Oct by Cinebook. Published Dec by Cinebook. Add to cart Very Good. Published Jun by Cinebook.

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    • With our review of The Last Round , downthetubes has now reviewed all 18 of the XIII books published by Cinebook over the last two and a half years — from the beginning of the saga of the amnesiac agent in The Day Of The Black Sun , through two presidential assassinations in America plus an attempted military coup in between them, a Central American revolution and the search for century old Mexican gold coins, right up to its finale.

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