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Where will we laugh? Can we be certain of that? Just as Jesus promises satisfaction as a reward in Heaven, he also promises laughter as a reward. Can you imagine someone leaping with joy in utter silence, without laughter?

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Take any group of rejoicing people, and what do you hear? There may be hugging, backslapping, playful wrestling, singing, storytelling.

But always there is laughter. The reward of those who mourn now will be laughter later. They know that someday they will laugh. Sickness, loss, grief, and death will find us. Just as our reward will come in Heaven, laughter itself one of our rewards will come in Heaven, compensating for our present sorrow. Those who are poor, diseased, and grieving experience therapeutic laughter.

Does God have a sense of humor?

At memorial services, people laugh quickly. The best carefree moments on Earth bring laughter. And if we can laugh hard now—in a world full of poverty, disease, and disasters—then surely what awaits us in Heaven is far greater laughter. In contrast, envision Jesus with his disciples. If you cannot picture Jesus teasing them and laughing with them, you need to reevaluate your theology of Creation and Incarnation. We need a biblical theology of humor that prepares us for an eternity of celebration, spontaneous laughter, and overflowing joy.

Jesus Christ.

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Whose laughter will be loudest and most contagious on the New Earth? Do you look forward to laughter in Heaven? Are you experiencing the joy of Christ so that there is plenty of laughter in your life now? Father, today, right now, feeling as I do, with deadlines and health issues and friends who are hurting and world events in flux, I need to hear your promise that in Heaven we will laugh.

I look forward to laughing with him at banquets and on walks and in conversations. Thank you for the gift of laughter. Thank you that you invented it.

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Thank you that we do not have to wait until Heaven to laugh, but that laughter can carry us on its back through difficult times. I have enjoyed rich laughter, mingled with tears, with friends and family in difficult days. When we weep now, Father, remind us that in Heaven, partaking of your joy, we will laugh. Home Resources Heaven: Home of Laughter. And does that passage not infer that just because we think something in our mind does not mean that God thinks it in his?

Just hoping for a little but of guidance here. What do you think of Dr. Curious to hear your thoughts. I certainly could be wrong but in the given context of rebuking the Pharisees and the Jewish rejection, I think that parable was meant to portray a very sad truth about the Pharisees and Jewish people along with the gracious truth of the Gentile inclusion into the Kingdom. The parable about the unforgiving debtor has very grave and also doctrinal truths about the dire importance of being gracious and forgiving.

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The illustration about the Wedding Feast is certainly one that could be considered uplifting and encouraging but simply because Aristotle said it is certainly not a reason for it to be so. Again, I sincerely have no desire to come off as being disagreeable but I fail to see at least that Jesus meant any humor by those illustrations. I intend these words as hopefully iron sharpening iron and desire to learn where I am mistaken. I also realize that Jesus thought much differently than everyone else around him and it caused Him to have a difficult time getting things trough to His Apostles.

Thanks for listening, interesting topic indeed! Thanks for this response, Kevin.

Does God Laugh Out Loud?

I find irony in the biblical examples used, but ultimately not comedy. I once heard a message including a conjecture , that a Pastor gave, and relates to humour and God. The Pastor said that he could picture God laughing when He made the donkey talk to the unwise Balaam in Numbers , and his point for that part of the sermon was that God does have a sense of humour by association Jesus should have also.

I can picture Jesus not being very humorous all the time while incarnated on Earth, because of the seriousness of His mission. Someone said that the Matthew word play in an original language other than Greek is intended to be humorous. At times I think that the biggest joke of all, is that God made creatures, that they take themselves way too serious, when we are supposed to be easy going, the way Jesus told us be like children, ideally joyous, trusting of Father, etc.

One other example that stands out to me is Matthew And yet, He showed great wisdom and did not evade the question. He toys with the people to whom He appears. The garden scene with Mary Magdalene He seems to appear as a gardener at first — Rembrandt actually draws Him wearing a hat and carrying a spade. With the doubting Thomas, the same kind of humor is present. These are expressions of the joy that Heb. We have to remember the Eastern mindset is very different then our Western.

Another example that I am sure drew laughs from His listeners is the house building location. Matt This is a story that is recorded before the 1st century as an illustration about how foolish some people are idiots? Who would even think about building a house on a dry river bed in a wadi? That is the only place sand is found in much of Israel.

Are Jokes or Parodies a Sin in the Bible? Does God Have a Sense of Humor?

I am sure people laughed at the story. After all, some day it will rain in the mountains again and water will rush down out and wash the house away. Read Psalm First, in order to understand if Jesus had a sense of humor, we need to define words. So, humor is both external and internal. He just thinks through it differently. So, if we approach humor from the angle of internal mood with an external expression, then Jesus definitely had this. I think we wrestle mostly with how he felt while using these humorous expressions. What exactly, was Jesus thinking? We will never completely know his mind, but we can be assured that he used humor because of his remarkably timed superfluous illustrations.

Does God have a sense of humor?

I would call that humor because humor expresses a certain set of thoughts and feelings coming from the inside out. I have given some thought to the idea of divine humor, and how, when, and under what circumstances it might be manifested. After all, He would tell the perfect joke. The things in scripture that cause me to chuckle generally have to do with records of human activity. For example, Hebrews 11 speaks of faith and the wondrous works of God.


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And, one would like to think, more than a few good laughs. Learn to uncover biblical answers for yourself with this free course. Share this post! Comments Kevin Robinson says:. January 13, at pm. In Christ -Kevin Robinson. Tyler Smith says:. Hi, Kevin. Kevin Robinson says:. May grace and peace be multiplied to you through Christ our Lord, -Kevin Robinson. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Kevin. Lucas Hilty says:.