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For more information, check out our Privacy Policy. Legal Disclaimer FAQ. I've been in college for a little over two weeks now, and already I feel like I've been asked this question or a variation of it a thousand times. They aren't interested in my life story--they don't want to know my deepest secrets, my darkest fears, or my wildest dreams; in this case, it is nothing more than introduction. We'll exchange the usual pleasantries name, hometown, major and the conversation will go from there. Don't get me wrong, these almost scripted introductions are an important aspect of beginning to define who we are, but it only provides a snapshot of our true identity.

Just as only 10 percent of an iceberg is visible above the water, we often only see a limited view of ourselves. That is not to say that this 10 percent is a false representation of who we are, and this metaphor isn't intended to make anyone feel shallow, only to emphasize the idea that there is more to our identities than we may realize. The remaining 90 percent is not as easy to describe.

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In simplest form, this is where we find the hidden depth of our personality, the basis of our subconscious mind. The question of who I am is no longer strong enough to allow us to dive below the surface and explore our true identities; instead we must ask ourselves:.

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Basically, this is asking us to lift the veil and analyze how our character, habits, behaviors, nuances, emotions, actions, etc. Sounds simple enough, right? In theory, yes, but the complexity of human nature makes it difficult to accurately pinpoint everyone's psychological tendencies exactly.

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One topic of forgiveness that often gets lost in the proverbial shuffle is self-forgiveness. As we walk through life, it is so easy to recall and recount the many ways that people around us have done us wrong. What is often far more difficult and humbling is to remember that we too are human beings.

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We too have most likely done things we are ashamed about or have harmed another person even unintentionally. In the process of healing from our past traumas and wounds, we are unlikely to fully recover if we avoid the very important step of looking at the disappointments and hurts we might have inflicted upon others. Sometimes in life, even when we are trying to be as perfect as perfect can be, we can still be neglectful of the people we love most or fail to live up to standards others may have set for us.

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And even when we have tried our very best, there are still things in our pasts and in our stories that need to be addressed. We need to examine these things in order to move forward with our heads held high.

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You may try to distract yourself from guilt or self-disappointment by focusing on other parts of your life. Here is the thing. It is literally impossible to avoid making mistakes. As a human being, there is absolutely zero way to get out of this life without having things you are sorry you have done. When you are ready to get honest with yourself, you can not only see the patterns of your past, but also to start your life with a clean slate.

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Telling the truth about your mistakes may or may not involve sharing them with another person. Maybe it involves you getting out a notebook and writing everything that comes to mind. Maybe it is sharing your past aloud with a safe friend. Whichever way you do it, getting all the secrets and pain out of your head is a great first step toward total self-forgiveness. Getting utterly honest about your past and the secrets you carry is a very important first step.

Note: There is a huge difference between shame around abuse others inflicted on you as a child or vulnerable victim and feeling authentic guilt about ghosting a friend or walking out on a job. Shame for things that were never your fault is not the same thing as taking radical responsibility for your adult choices. When we have a backlog of guilt and remorse in our lives, it can be so scary to open up those emotions.