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Low jobless rate is a boost to confidence, but it's a 'fuzzy number,' says Yale's Robert Shiller. Elizabeth Warren is gaining ground in Democratic primary, says pollster Frank Luntz. Steve Liesman: Revisions to jobs numbers are strong. September unemployment rate falls to a year low at 3. Early WeWork investor Bill Rudin on the company's business model. The trend is to slower job growth, says Raymond James' Scott Brown.

Hong Kong announces face mask ban amid protests.

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Recession is becoming an increasing risk, says Stifel's Lindsey Piegza. US futures point to slightly lower open ahead of key jobs report. The decline of U. How S'well leveraged Starbucks to become a status symbol. How hypersonic weapons from China, the US and Russia created a new arms race.

Why would a central bank want negative interest rates? How I stopped an impostor who was pretending to be me on Instagram. The rise of the solar power. This simple chart can predict recessions and tank stock markets. Why Volkswagen is betting big on electric. The end of the minivan. Why Boeing's problems are hurting Southwest Airlines.

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How Beyond Meat became the hottest stock of Why Dunkin' is not only about drip coffee anymore. How Microsoft's antitrust fight in the s reshaped the Internet. How Bill Gates-funded solar geoengineering could help stop global warming. The rise and fall of the Volkswagen Beetle.

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Why Tim Hortons is struggling in the U. This couple visited 61 national parks in 7 months—here's how they did it without racking up debt. DraftKings CEO on the fantasy game experience. We have 7 quick tips collated from students about the latest ways to save you pennies with your everyday spending. Whether you are bringing your own chicken to add to your salad or sharing a Netflix subscription between 5 of your friends, we do not judge!

We just want to save you as many pennies as possible! Does money leave your account as fast as it arrives?

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Seven out of ten Brits say they find it hard to make ends meet. But how can you build a rainy day fund — let alone save for the future — when your income is low? But it is even more important to save money for lifes little or big surprises. But how do you do that when you are barely covering you. Use a budget to plan how much you can pay off A spending plan sets out how much you expect to earn and spend each month. Having a spen. Top 9 Money Tips for Students.

Being a student is tough at the best of times, the Times Higher Education website reported that students find managing their finances just as stressful as their exams. Crazy right? In honour of Student Money Week, we have collated our top tips for saving your money on a daily basis.

We LOVE them!

Most univers. It is time to talk about the 'F' word. No matter who you are or what you do, that word has the power to strike fear within us. But why? Did you think you'd be further in your career than you are?

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The Lapee takes the idea of a single moulded urinal unit with built-in storage tank and adapts it for women by extending the divider to screen the user off, lifting it up and raising the hole into which you pee to make it easy to hit. A spiral design assures privacy. Ever wondered why you feel so gloomy about the world - even at a time when humanity has never been this healthy and prosperous? Could it be because news is almost always grim, focusing on confrontation, disaster, antagonism and blame? This series is an antidote, an attempt to show that there is plenty of hope, as our journalists scour the planet looking for pioneers, trailblazers, best practice, unsung heroes, ideas that work, ideas that might and innovations whose time might have come.

Readers can recommend other projects, people and progress that we should report on by contacting us at theupside theguardian. I just think it was something which was designed by men and they only thought about themselves.

With three women able to visit at a time and no door, they claim it takes just 30 seconds to spend a penny, compared to three minutes for a standard cabin toilet, making it six times more efficient.