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While we are encouraged to grow in knowledge around The Word, we are also challenged to not stop at the reading of the Word.

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Through this, we are motivated to act on what we are taught by Jesus. God truly blessed America in these moments.

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Beliefnet Columnists. James is therefore highly relevant to the Christian life. Rather, he writes his book to those who already believe the gospel, and his goal is to help them live faithfully as followers of Jesus. He is the author of What Is the Gospel?

James 2 - Faith and Deeds

James R. Kent Hughes.

James Thomas Manton. Reasons for Faith Norman L.

The Letter of James

Geisler , Chad V. Unshaken Crawford W. Loritts Jr. James encourages that God is faithful to this process and will grant wisdom so we can endure it. He then cautions us that God does not tempt us, rather temptation comes from our own evil desires inside.

James then gives instruction about listening and acting according to the Word of God. He shows how knowing what it says shows us who we truly are and living it out will give freedom and bless us.

The Book of James: An "Epistle of Straw"? | United Church of God

James 2 starts with instructions about being impartial toward people. James instructs not to show favoritism toward individuals who are wealthy because God has chosen those who are poor in the eyes of the world to be rich in faith. He cites examples from Abraham and Rabah, showing that what they did, proved their faith. James 3 gives instruction about the dangers of the words we say. The tongue has the ability to set the course of life, James compares it to a rudder which steers a ship and a fire which can consume everything in its path.

The Book of James - KJV - Audio Bible (FULL) by Alexander Scourby

He makes the contrast that out of the same mouth come praise and curses, however this should not be because true faith is evident by our words.