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The blade went wooden. Notwithstanding that major educational theorists are often perceived to be at odds with one another, there is considerable common ground around some key concepts — concepts that should be part of any approach to teaching. Dry instruction achieves little more than, at best, repetition of facts and, at worst, boredom and disengagement. Students are actively engaged in constructing their own knowledge.

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They are not a blank slate or an empty vessel waiting to be filled with knowledge. Programs for children — especially for those from low socio-economic backgrounds — that directly involve students and encourage experimentation have been demonstrated to produce better learning outcomes. Activities that are driven by students themselves also result in greater student engagement with those activities. The onus is on the teacher to plan, observe, facilitate and assess to ensure that the teaching episodes they plan are educational.

This role becomes increasingly important given the uniform application of academic standards and the expectations of students and their potential employers. It must, however, be balanced with an approach that avoids too much intervention other than to provide the necessary scaffolding.

Trying to disengage law school from real world experiences is also impossible. The language, design, staffing and student populations of a classroom are inexorably linked to the community within which it exists. To disconnect education to the real world renders the teaching process meaningless. Students coming into law school are subject to an incredibly diverse and different range of experiences than law students in the s, s or even the s. The law school experience needs to take those changes into account in the way in which it engages with law students.

Any approach to teaching cannot be rigidly applied. Susan stops time, calls Binky Death's horse and flies away to his country to find out what has happened to the Hogfather. She is watched by the Auditors, who do not know what to make of her. She arrives at Death's house and goes to the lifetimer room, where she finds a secondary room containing lifetimers belonging to gods and anthropomorphic personifications. The Hogfather's lifetimer has been smashed.

Ridcully is having the time of his life in the new bathroom, trying out all the special features that it has. Suddenly, the little Verruca Gnome appears and Ridcully makes the mistake of opening the bag it carries. Death has an idea to improve levels of belief in the Hogfather-he hears that men dress up as him to sit in department stores. Death decides to make a personal appearance.


Vernon Crumley, owner of a large toy store in the Maul a shopping centre in Ankh- Morpork is congratulating himself on this year's Hogswatch grotto when his display suddenly explodes, being replaced by Death, Albert, and the four pigs that pull the sleigh. Crumley becomes alarmed when Death starts magically pulling everything the children ask for from his sack. Ridcully enters with the Verruca Gnome. Ridcully wants the wizards to use Hex to find out what has caused the little creature to spontaneously appear, but in passing remarks abut a god of hangovers.

Anatomy Lesson: “The place where the Falling Angel meets the Rising Ape”

There is the glingleglingleglingle sound of magic. In Death's library, Susan searches for the Hogfather's biography. She finds it, but when she opens it he has a vision of snow, and teeth. She hurriedly puts the book back. Chickenwire and Medium Dave are worried. Teatime's unpredictability is alarming, and the wyrd place that they are in is getting to them. Oddly, Banjo seems perfectly happy. Up in the tower, Sideney is still struggling with the locks. Susan, the Death of Rats and the raven ride on Binky to the Castle of Bones, a huge fortress made of ice pillars near the Hub.

Apparently the mythical home of the Hogfather, the place is falling into decay. As they watch, it begins to crumble. There is evidence that Death and Albert have been there recently. As the place begins to collapse they flee, but find a man lying in the snow. He is dressed in dirty white robes and is apparently very ill.

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They rescue him and escape, and watch the castle crumble into snow from a safe distance. He introduces himself as Bilious, the god of hangovers. Apparently, he is the personification of everybody's hangovers, just as there is a god of wine. Crumley wants the "Hogfather" arrested, but Nobby cannot find a good enough reason. The items he is giving away free do not belong to Crumley, and then there is the issue of arresting him in front of all the children. However, Crumley tells him that the man in the grotto is an impostor and Nobby has unhappy memories of Hogswatch as a child.

He moves forward. Ridcully and the Senior Wrangler are debating the logic of hanging up mistletoe in a male-only University when Susan enters with Bilious. She asks the wizards to sober him up for her, so that he can tell her what is happening. After another long debate they decide to simply "mix everything up and see what happens. Nobby sits on Death's knee, and a kind of hypnosis comes over him. He means to arrest the impostor, but instead gratefully accepts a present-a genuine, very rare and very expensive crossbow.

His mind made up, he and Visit quietly leave. Amazingly, the hangover cure seems to work and Bilious sobers up. After gleefully watching the effects reverse back towards the god of wine, he helps the wizards come up with a hypothesis-anthropomorphic personifications that previously did not exist are materialising whenever anyone mentions their name. Before they can work out why the Bursar mentions a fairy that steals socks, bringing the tinkling sound of magic. The wizards rush down to the laundry to find the creature.

The Eater of Socks turns out to be a tiny creature that sucks up socks through a long trunk. It flees when it sees the wizards. Death is distraught to learn that his next task is to claim the soul of a little girl who freezes to Death on Hogswatchnight. He is beginning to learn that Hogswatch is not a nice time for everyone. He refuses to let this happen, and instead picks up the girl, finds Nobby and Visit, and tells them to look after her.

The wizards go to Hex to ask it why fairies and gnomes are suddenly materialising. Unfortunately, it is unable to help. Suddenly, another creature is brought to life when a fairy that steals pencils is mentioned. As Susan is demonstrating some of her powers to Bilious, she senses that Death is doing something. The Pencil Stealer turns out to be a small bird-like creature that devours pencils like a logging machine. No sooner has Ridcully found it when a god if indigestion is mentioned. Susan is realising that she is going to have to assist Death if everything is to correct itself.

As she ponders how to do this, a god of indigestion materialises out of the air, lands on the dining table, and staggers off towards the privies. Once this interruption has passed, she asks Bilious if he remembered anything before he incarnated in the Castle of Bones.

All he can remember is teeth-this gives Susan an idea. As the wizards accidentally create a swarm of flying creatures that exist only to steal towels, Death's sleigh lands on a rooftop.

Death is here to collect a soul this time; there is a dead body lying in the snow. However, there are no marks on the snow surrounding the corpse-it is like it simply materialised. The dead person is wearing clothes that bear the design of a tooth.

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Susan, Bilious, the Death of Rats and the raven go back to Biers. There Susan forces the barman to give her the address of Violet, the resident tooth fairy.

They go to her tiny apartment, which is deserted. The only thing they find of note is Violet's list of people who have lost teeth: the last name is one Banjo Lilywhite. There is a knock on the door, which turns out to be Violet's boss. She has not collected her quota of teeth and taken them to Ernie's cart, and he has been sent to investigate.

They get rid of him, and then use Violet's list to track down Banjo's home. As Death learns more about what happens to poor people at Hogswatch by rescuing a humble peasant from a greedy king, Susan and her companions arrive at Banjo's abode- another tiny flat. He has not been there for some time-there is only one place he can be. Susan calls Death's horse Binky and she and Bilious set off for Death's country, where by reading Violet's biography they find out where she is. Death is horrified to learn that he is not allowed to give a poor child the presents he wants, because he is poor and therefore not destined to receive nice things.