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The Shadow Campaigns. The Rise of the Red Shadow. Related events Perpetual War. How do series work? Series: The Book of Deacon Series by cover 1—7 of 10 next show all. Jade by Joseph Lallo. The Redemption of Desmeres by Joseph Lallo. M Martin. The Book of Deacon by Joseph Lallo. The Great Convergence by Joseph Lallo. The Battle of Verril by Joseph Lallo. Sometimes a find that is stumbled upon has that ability to change our lives. I would really like to thank Joseph Lallo for writing such a fine book.

This is the first in the series, and I already purchased the second. I found this to be an easy reading, well written book. The author is able to keep this story rolling along, at a speed that most readers will be able to follow. I read the entire book in two days, not really wanting to take any breaks. I really wanted to know what happened to Myranda, the lead character. This book, for me, was great entertainment. The author has done a really fine job, inventing a world around the story that could be the world of the future.

It does leave room to dream about such things, although I would hope the world never goes to war again. I would easily recommend this book to anyone, young or old, that enjoys fantasy.

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It takes place in a world that could easily be the past, future, or today. It does give me room to think about the possibilities of such great wars happening today. Readergirl78 reviewed on on Aug. I have to honestly say that I wouldn't have stopped to read this unless it was marked "free" on my ebook. I got it for free awhile ago and with nothing to read but this, I sat down and started to read. The book was so good in fact that I immediately purchased the next one in the series right after I had finished and the next one after that.

Almost of pages that kept my attention the whole way through.. I have props to Mr. Lallo for creating a great Trilogy and hope to read something else from him that is along these lines!

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Only problem is I would love to read more about the heroes in this trilogy! I am copying this exact review in the other books in the series as well. Sc Crain reviewed on on Aug. I chose this book as something different to read and to see if it would be something my 12 year old daughter would enjoy as well, she loves the Percy Jackson series so I thought this might be up her alley. I loved it!

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Could not put it down! Had to actually buy my first online books on smashwords so I could read the rest of the trilogy! It was more than I expected and was pleasantly surprised! I plan to charge up the iPad and hand it off to my daughter and see what she thinks next One word of advice, make sure you have the next two books before you finish this one, or you will regret it!

Joshua Wheeler reviewed on on July 25, As I was rambling I will gladly support this author's efforts and hope he goes far! I started reading this book on a whim at work one day. The principle reason I chose this particular book is due to the excellent rating and reviews. By the way After I started reading it I couldnt tear myself away.

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As soon as I got home I downloaded it to my Nook and finished it. Afterwards, i promply decided to buy the second and will likely buy the 3rd in the trilogy. I dont know how Joseph Lallo doesnt have a book deal yet. Im an avid fantasy reader and have rarely come across such talent. Illu happily support this author and hope he is incredibly review of free book.

Lynn Carroll reviewed on on May 21, I loved this book. I read the first and then immediately went to see if there was another one. I hesitated at first due to the short description.

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I don't think it does the book justice. I ended up reading all of this series in a short period of timeand enjoyed them all. Thank you, Mr. Lallo for creating an intriguing series. It's often difficult to find new authors that you can connect with. This series was a comfortable read with some familiar themes and unique twists. I'll look forward to checking out some of your other work. The Owl reviewed on on May 14, But the other two books that you have to read perforce if you hope to know how everything ends do not match the expectations Melinda Le Baron reviewed on on May 6, To say that this book was not what I expected from the reviews is an understatemant.

Like most epic fantasy, this is a coming of age tale - but that's where it's turned on it's head. Myranda, our heroine is a pacifist who just wants the war to end.

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She feels the unfortunate loss of humanity on both sides of the war, and if she could figure out any way to speed both sides to peace negotiations, she would do it. But, she is only a girl and an outcast for not fighting on the side of the Northern Alliance.

She moves from town to town hiding her true feelings which would brand her a traitor. After slipping up in a village she is given bad directions. These directions don't lead her the nearest town, but into a frozen wasteland.

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  4. She has to find wood for a fire or she'll surely freeze to death, when she spies a flash of light through the blizzard in the distance. Having no other options, she heads for that light, and what she finds there determines her fate for the rest of the book and beyond. At this point in the story we reaaly start rolling.

    Myranda experiences adventures that mystify her and that she is ill prepared for. Because of what happened in that frozen wasteland, the Elite of the North Alliance have orders to capture her alive. They have alreyady captured everybody that came in contact with her after she left the wasteland. The plot twists and turns like a hedge maze as we follow our heroine in her journeys through the North trying to evade capture. And one other thing, all the people in the Northern Alliance don't seem to be quite human.

    If they're not human, what are they? What do they have to do with a human war? And what is their interest in Myranda? Are they evil? All these and more will be answered in the final two books of the series - The Battle of Verrill and Convergence. While many questions weren't answered in the first book, the ending was still masterfully done.

    The characterizations in this book is impressive, going out of its way to present shades of grey to each character, more like real life than othrts - making them leap off the page than most authors. Constantly questioning herself about the right thing to do, Myranda grows throughout the book, the more she finds out about what has happened in the world, as well as being the Mother to a Dragon. By the end of the book she has a purpose that she would give her life for. The other characters such as Deacon and Lain change too through their interactions with Myranda.