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Daniel shot out of the kitchen door like a bullet. Really well done. But of course, in fiction, as in real life, this is an ongoing project. Tamara Contreras wants to pursue a graduate degree. Her mother wants her to marry the patronizing Ruben, or failing that, stay at home in Sweetwater, California and teach.

Will Benavides is a Los Angeles firefighter and a talented painter, overcoming a trying childhood. The pair share a conversation and a kiss during the wedding reception of mutual friends. After Tamara makes a stand against her mother and moves to LA, they finally get a chance to act on their attraction. Less well done is the depiction of Kirsten, the girl Will goes out with briefly in order to forget Tamara.

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Is it so unconscionable that a woman whom the character is dating should be interested in having sex with him? That said, Castillo, a Mexican-American writer, has her funny moments. As a result, he feels confident enough to begin pursuing her. But Mason, Leyla, and her brother Sasha, have been friends since childhood. Leyla is four years older and has been like sister and guardian to him.

Moreover, Mason is white. Leyla is of Iranian descent. With age, gender, race, and their personal connection in play, their roles have suddenly become fluid. Sex is the space in which they try out and re-imagine their new roles. There is some swaggering possessive talk, and a couple of cheesy jokes to leaven the intensity.

Throughout, the pair make adjustments, physically and emotionally. Sasha has some attitudes about Leyla—and women, really—that need schooling. Sasha, a cop, lands in the hospital after taking down a school shooter.

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News of his injury reaches his friend, Dr. Maira Khan, and the realization that life is short spurs her to act on her longtime feelings for him. Maira is a virgin. Look, I just want to make sure we do this right. Language, culture, and race, are all significant considerations, but they are also merely information. What makes characters—and people—of any colour real, vital, and important, lies in the choices they make, and what they do with what they have.

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Who are your favorite romance writers of colour? Do you know of any First Nations romance writers? Pacific Islanders? Name some, gif us. Mindy Hung is a New York-based Canadian writer. Her novel, Trip , was published in by Outpost She also writes romance as Ruby Lang. Skip to the top of the page , search this site , or read the article again. There is rear door activity. The couple is interracial: black woman, white man. On page 16, I was angry at employee May.

Her boss gave her specific instructions as to what to write in a note to someone. S I did not like the characters or the plot. She was angry with her boss, ignored his words and wrote and sent an entirely different note. I was so angry at her dishonesty and lack of work ethic I wanted to stop reading at that point. I need to have some sort of sympathy or positive feeling for my heroine. Her boss Win was unlikeable as well.

He secretly lusted after May for four years. During that time, he never showed her any kindness, courtesy or respect. He did not give her raises and did not tell Human Resources that she completed her Bachelors Degree. He wanted to keep her working for him and not be promoted.

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May gets a part-time job in a sex club where she learns to be a Dominatrix. Win is her client at the club where she ties him up, humiliates him, and causes pain. After they recognize each other, they agree that during the day at the office, Win will be the Dominant and make her do things there as a Submissive. Both of these locations are excuses for them to continue to be mean to each other, while at the same time they lust for each other. This is not a romance novel. There is no caring, affection or love.

The characters have no vulnerability. May is either angry or leaving in avoidance. This is not a story being told. This was an ineffective attempt to make May likeable and give her an excuse for the part-time job in the club. Courtney was a successful cop, known for putting away bad guys. She arrests May and Win, keeps them in jail overnight without a phone call and does not read them their Miranda rights.

Of course they get off. Toward the end Madam Z tells Win that she and he had a bondage relationship years ago and he rejected her when she wanted a relationship. There was nothing else going on between them to require this as an explanation for something. It was a weird side bar. DATA: Story length: pages. Number of sex scenes: Total number of sex scene pages: Setting: current day Virginia Beach and Norfolk, Virginia.

Copyright: Genre: erotic Aftrican-American interracial romance.

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Jul 24, Jenn Andrew rated it it was amazing. Corporate Seduction is about how two unlikely people end up discovering more about each other than they realize.

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Winston Biggers is a corporate hot shot who gives his administrative assistant, Maybelline Davenport, a hard time at work. Showing little appreciation for her, Winston treats her like an inferior and truly bosses her around. Maybeline uses her anger generated towards her employer and turns it into the fire she needs for her part-time job. From the first sentence, Bridget Midway pulls Corporate Seduction is about how two unlikely people end up discovering more about each other than they realize.

From the first sentence, Bridget Midway pulls you into the story and the reader wonders where the main character is going with her thoughts.

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  6. The reader is immediately introduced to the character and her position in the story as well as her interaction with the other characters. The biggest conflict is between May and Winston. Bridget allows the story to unfold from the rough beginning of their relationship to the surprising turn of events. Corporate Seduction is set in present day Norfolk, Virginia.

    There was enough description to paint a picture that seems real.

    The story develops to show the change in both characters and the dialogue is entertaining. You can sense how the characters feel about each other and the author is able to use the dialogue to further move the story along. The story is told in third person and when the point-of-view switches from the main character to the next, there is no confusion. The author is able to give the reader an opportunity to feel what the characters were going through.

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    This erotic tale does not hide behind closed bedroom doors but is for readers who are comfortable with the raw descriptions of sensual pleasure. Corporate Seduction is easy to read, humorous, lighthearted and quite enjoyable but the reader may have to sit in an air conditioned room to keep the body cool while reading this book. View 2 comments. Apr 12, Elizabeth rated it it was amazing. Nothing like I expected, completely engrossing, and it turned me into an utter fan of Ms. Now I've read just about ALL of her books. Plus, I can't count the number of women at my office I've had reading her books!

    It also let me in on a little known side of myself, hint-hint, nudge-nudge! Jan 23, Cherie rated it it was amazing. This review was originally written for Hearts on Fire Reviews and can also be found there. This book had the potential to be great. Strong characters, solid plot and enough steam to fog the windows are what won me over at the beginning.